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Golf Club Talk UK

Aug 3, 2022

An innovation this episode with a Golf Club Talk UK podcast and GCMA webinar taking place at the same time.  Gavin Robinson of the GCMA kicks off the session with Leighton and they are joined by Karen Moss and Kevin Murray from BRS.  BRS are leading the way in providing relevant and timely data.  Kevin and Karen talk through the current trends that are emerging from the Q2 Participation Report.  The numbers are vital in helping clubs to continue to make data driven decisions.

Q2 still looks healthy but the information suggests that clubs keep their eye on the ball to ensure numbers remain strong.  Kevin gives some regional figures as well as touching on membership numbers. 

An essential listen if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

Please note that the Quarterly Participation Report is linked below and can be read in conjunction with listening to the episode:

BRS Golf


** Apologies for some sound issues early in the recording