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Golf Club Talk UK

Mar 21, 2022

What a great episode we have for you as we're joined by Isaiah Mwesige from the Afriyea Golf Academy in Uganda.  

This Golf Academy is changing young lives in Uganda through providing an entry into the game of Golf but much, much more than that.... education, employment prospects and also learning about the environment. 

Isaiah talks us through his journey into the game as well as the inspiration behind starting the Academy.  He also mentions some of the success stories that have arisen and the great people that are helping to contribute the Academy's ongoing success. 

There's even a partnership that's been struck between Afriyea and the 3 Hammers Golf Complex in the Midlands.

This is truly inspirational.  Enjoy and please feel free to assist Afriyea by visiting their website to learn more.

Isaiah also explains how people how get in touch towards the end of then interview.

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