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Golf Club Talk UK

Jun 12, 2019

Jeremy Dale ( does it all - teaching, trick shows, corporate days, golf trips, radio - you name it!  At the heart of it though Jeremy is all about Golf!  Having spent so many years in the industry he has built up a great knowledge of the game and golf courses around the world, but more than anything he's about making golf fun whether it be through teaching, trick shots or course architecture.  He discusses many issues with Leighton and what he feels clubs should be doing to introduce more fun into the game.

After a successful playing career, including college golf in the USA, Vanessa Bell is Head of Fundraising for The Golf Foundation( and is tasked with growing awareness of  the charity, through initiatives that teaches valuable life skills to youths of all ages throughout the UK, while marketing to golf clubs in order capture their support and appreciation of The Golf Foundation.