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Golf Club Talk UK

Dec 11, 2019

On this session we are speaking to Sami Strutt - Head of Member Development , British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association.
Sami has played a major part in developing the personal development /educational programmes for the association - while evolving with significant success the Future Turf Managers Initiative whereby giving future turf managers an intense week of managerial techniques and tactical skills in preparation for their future careers. 
Sami shares some amazing insights over a twenty seven year career in the golf industry.
Marcus Weatherburn who has moulded a career in Golf and formerly of the De Vere group, is now Club Acquisition Manager at Play More Golf covering the UK and Middle East. 
Play More Golf is a disruptive business that is looking to provide an alternative option to Golfers and Golf Clubs by looking to attract the nomad Golfer. A points based system that also gives players flexibility is growing in popularity.
Leighton and Eddie tease out some of the pros and cons while gaining a better understanding of how the system works.