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Golf Club Talk UK

Oct 9, 2019

Colin Webber created, owns and operates Portmore Golf Park with his wife Amanda and son Josh near Barnstaple in Devon.  The facility, which was formerly a dairy farm was built from the ground up with plenty of blood, sweat and tears invested. Starting from a driving range, it now represents a fantastic community facility for not only Golf but dining, functions and other activities.  Colin talks us through the story of Portmore and some of the things that make this place so unique.  Check out Portmore Golf Park here Portmore Golf Park

Eddie speaks to John Maguire, GM of The Richmond Golf Club in London.  John brings a strong background to his role including time in the military.  Speaking to Eddie he explains how he creates success at The Richmond and gets the best out of his team.  John explores his philosophy behind the food offering at The Richmond but also his own passion for great food and wine along with much more.  Check out The Richmond here WELCOME TO THE RICHMOND GOLF CLUB : The Richmond Golf Club