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Golf Club Talk UK

Feb 16, 2022

On the first episode of GCMA Insights for 2022, we feature the GCMA Mentor programe released in late 2021 and due to commence in May 2022.  The scheme is designed to draw on the best in our industry to nurture the next generation of industry professionals.  Leighton is joined by Tom Brooke, CEO of GCMA along with four of the new mentors (listed below) and Biddy Lloyd Jones and Keith Maynard who have been training the mentors.  

Future mentees will be able to benefit from this training but also the many years of experience to be received through these industry professionals.  

Mentors include:

Richard Penley-Martin - Denham GC

Andrew Whitelaw - Portmarnock GC

Gary Beves - Golf at Goodwood

Ben Driver - Chigwell GC