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Golf Club Talk UK

Apr 14, 2021

After Leighton & Eddie catch up to look at current events, Leighton is joined by Heather Mulley of Enville Golf Club.  Heather has gained an excellent reputation as a Manager and this was topped off by being crowned the 2019 GCMA Manager of the Year.  Heather tells us more about Enville and what makes it a great club as well as some of it's upcoming plans.  This includes a renovation of both courses through the services of CDP (Clayton, Devries and Pont), who have featured on the show previously.

Our show partner BRS form the second interview where Karen Moss talks through the recent COVID impact study which was carried out by BRS.  There are some revealing numbers from 2020, and Karen also looks ahead to what's expected for 2021.  Member retention will be key and Ryan and Ian join to talk about how the V12 Finance option through BRS can assist with this.

Enville Golf Club

BRS Golf 

COVID Impact study from BRS


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