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Golf Club Talk UK

May 6, 2020

As the pandemic hit, many golf businesses were scaling their preparations for the return.

We wanted to talk with golf leaders and gain first hand knowledge what is happening in other countries around the world of golf , and how they view the unexpected problems presented and the effect within their respected golf businesses.

Our ambitious plan was to bring everyone to the Golf Club Talk UK table at the same time, it’s our pleasure to share with our listeners the thoughts and ideas of our international guests.

Welcome to:

Richard Sorell : Chief Executive - Golf de Vidauban , France

Chris Bentley: Chief Executive - Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Club , South Africa

Miguel Franco de Sousa: President - Portuguese Golf Federation

Kevyn Cunningham: Director of Golf- Half Moon Golf , Jamaica

Marco Aquilino: General Manager -Royal Park Golf Club , Milan, Italy

John Caven: Chief Operation Officer - Oakdale Golf & Country Club , Ontario, Canada