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Golf Club Talk UK

Nov 8, 2022

Leighton & Eddie have a catch up on a few points including leadership!

Leighton is then joined by Nicole Wheatley of Medi8 and the Golf Marketing Hub.  Nicole has been a real trailblazer in the golf marketing space and has helped many big brands and clubs increase their presence.  The Golf Marketing Hub is a newer initiative which gives peopel working at clubs tools and templates to help them market effectively.  Nicole's journey and story is a really interesting one.

We then kick off our mini-series on UK Golf Industry folk who have taken their careers overseas.  John Caven of St Georges in Toronto, Canada leads us off.  John worked at clubs in teh UK, including Loch Lomond before an opportunity arose at Oakdale Country Club in Toronto.  John explains the challenges, successes and benefits of making this brave move with his family. 


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