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Golf Club Talk UK

Jul 10, 2019

We are delighted to welcome our first guest on Golf Club Talk UK from California - John Kennaday is the Head Golf Coach at San Jose State University - Having recently been the figurehead behind the new Spartans Golf Complex, which is recognised as the state of the art facilities in the US. John is also the Current Vice President of the Golf Coaches Association of America . John speaks about his background and his continued desire to improve the opportunities for students who are invited to become  a part of the San Jose State University Spartans Golf Team.

Leighton is joined by Richard Saunders, Head of Sales for Free Trade.  A former Pub Owner, Richard has been with Marstons for 12 years and lends his experience and wisdom on the beverage industry, particularly around Golf Clubs.  The discussion looks at the history of Marstons which has been based in the midlands for many years.  It then delves into some of the drinks trends going on with Beers, Gins and Wines while also giving listeners an idea of how to improve their offer. Marston's Beers and Breweries