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Golf Club Talk UK

Feb 12, 2020

First up this month, the show takes on an International flavour with Leighton interviewing Rod Morri, Journalist and host of several well-known podcasts in Australia on the Talkin Golf Network ( 
Rod is a journalist by trade, now writing for Golf Australia magazine, but more lately has expanded his Podcast network which includes shows such as The Good Good Golf podcast, State of the Game and Feed The Ball. 
As well as this Rod talks to us about some trends in clubs in Australia along with some things that are working well and things that are not.  There's also a chat on the importance of Community in Golf Clubs. 
Leighton also speaks to Deana Rushworth (Golf Lessons, Witney, Oxfordshire - Deana Rushworth PGA Golf Pro & Mind Factor Coach).  Deana recently gained the "Advanced PGA" status and this is a testament to her time in the industry and contribution to teaching. 
The discussion moves from Teaching to how perhaps clubs can introduce more ladies to the game and even the "Mind Factor" seminars that Deana delivers to Golfers on Golf psychology. 
Originally from Yorkshire and now teaching out of Witney Lakes Golf Club, Deana is an engaging character who has a lot of energy and a lot of great ideas.