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Golf Club Talk UK

May 15, 2024

A jam-packed episode!  Leighton and Eddie catch up for a "what's happening" chat.

Leighton is then joined by Stuart Finlay, GM of Prestbury Golf Club in Cheshire.  Stuart's appeared on the show previously when in his role at Radyr GC and we have followed hime through his management journey to Prestbury where he, and the club, are doing some good things.  Stuart also talks openly about a real personal challenge he has had of late which puts Managing Golf clubs into perspective.  Well worth a listen.

Denny Corby of the Private Club Radio podcast joins Leighton for an update on what's happening on PCR since Gabe handed over the reigns.  There's a also a look into the US Golf Club scene in 2024.  What are the trends, challenges and opportunities for clubs in the US that perhaps we can pull from here in the UK?

Thanks to our partner - Giulia Ferroni at Leeds Golf Design