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Golf Club Talk UK

Nov 27, 2021

After a long awaited visit to Royal Norwich, Leighton sits down in the Clubhouse with David Coventry - Chairman, and James Stanley - CEO of Royal Norwich. 

After 9 holes and some Lunch, the trio talk through the Royal Norwich story, with David explaining the back-story and James taking us through the present and...

Nov 10, 2021

GCMA Insights on Golf Club Talk UK covers Wellbeing this time.  One of the three key themes at the GCMA Conference, the wellbeing of those working in the Golf industry is explored by Debbie Kleiner, a workplace wellbeing consultant.  Leighton and Debbie are also joined by Tom Brooke - CEO of GCMA, Craig Cotterill –...

Nov 3, 2021

It's our 3rd episode of GCMA Insights on Golf Club Talk UK and the topic is Technology.  Leighton is joined by Gavin Robinson of GCMA, Craig Higgs of Golf Genius and Rob Corcoran from The Revenue Club.  

Leading up to the GCMA Conference from 21st - 23rd November, the group give a flavour of how improving your...